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Identification Badges

Identification badges are considered part of the uniform code. All the scholars must wear a school identification badge. Scholars will be given an identification badge at the beginning of the school year. Scholars shall wear it all the time and display it in a visible location (e.g. worn on the left side of the shirt or sweater) free of any decoration or mutilation during school or any school related activity. Primary scholars may not wear lanyards.


Badge Replacement Policy

All scholars must wear ID Badges at all times.  Scholars with damaged, altered, defaced, or lost ID badges shall purchase a replacement ID badge. A replacement fee of $10.00 shall be assessed for each occurrence of a lost/damaged ID badges.



White cotton Peter Pan collared blouses (long or short sleeved) from Parker Uniform or school logo green or blue polo shirts are required for girls. White button down oxford shirts (long or short sleeved) or school logo green or blue polo shirts are required for boys. Oxford shirts for boys and Peter Pan collar shirts for girls must be worn on dress uniform Mondays. Peter Pan collar buttons must be buttoned to the top and long sleeves must be buttoned. All shirt buttons except the boys’ top button, including the collar points, must be buttoned during school hours. The hem of the shirts must be fully tucked in and not rolled under. Scholars may wear only a solid white t-shirt or undershirt under the dress shirt. Colored shirts and logos are not permitted underneath uniform shirts. Kindergarten – 5th grade scholars may wear the Parker green or navy polo shirt (which is our Spirit shirt) Tuesday through Friday with navy uniform bottoms, plaid jumper or plaid skort.


Sweaters, Sweater Vests, and Sweatshirts

Only green Parker uniform sweaters or vests may be worn in the classroom.  All items must be in good condition (not torn or discolored) and must fit appropriately. The official UNHP sweatshirt (sold by Parker Uniform) may be worn in the classrooms Monday – Friday.



Pants should be worn appropriately and modestly. Both girls and boys must wear navy blue Parker uniform pants with their designated shirt style. Boys must wear pants on Mondays starting Oct. 1st. Navy blue Parker uniform shorts may be worn Tuesday – Friday. Kindergarten and Grade 1 may wear elastic waist pants/shorts.



Scholars in Grades 2-5 are required to wear belts. Belts must by black, woven or flat, and with a small buckle. No designer or logo buckles are permitted.


Jumpers and Skorts

Girls may wear the navy/plaid Parker uniform jumper or skort anytime during the school year. Jumpers/Skorts must be worn on Mondays. Jumper/Skort length may not be shorter than the width of a credit card measured at the back of the knee. As girls grow taller, jumper/skort lengths may need to be adjusted. The waistband must be at the waist.


Modesty Shorts

All girls must wear navy blue (plain, with no other colors or designs) modesty shorts under their jumpers. Modesty shorts must be purchased at Parker Uniform. Long pants may not be worn under the jumper.


Uniform Shorts

Boys and girls may wear uniform shorts instead of pants Tuesday –Friday. Boys and Girls may wear shorts on Mondays from August to September 30th.  Shorts may not be shorter than the width of a credit card measured from the back of the knee. Uniform shorts may not be worn under jumpers.



Scholars must wear solid navy, white or black socks. Scholars are not permitted to wear socks with logos. All socks must cover the ankle bone. No-show socks are not permitted. Girls may also wear solid navy, opaque white or black tights (waist to toes) with jumpers/skorts. Socks may not be worn on top of tights.  Leggings are not permitted.  Girls are encouraged to wear black, blue, or white knee length socks.



Girls are required to wear the Parker School Days white New Balance or any similar all white athletic tennis shoe with white laces. Boys are required to wear New Balance any solid black athletic tennis shoe with black laces. Kindergarten and Grade 1 boys or girls may wear the shoes listed above with Velcro. Other shoe accessories are not permitted. Shoes and shoelaces must be kept in good order and replaced when they are outgrown, torn, or otherwise damaged throughout the school year.   Dress shoes are not allowed.


Dress Uniform for Mondays

All scholars are required to wear the dress uniform on Mondays. Girls must wear the Peter Pan collar blouse and jumper. Boys must wear navy blue pants with the button down collar oxford shirt. Parker uniform sweaters may be worn.  *Scholars whose parents have donated to the annual VIP fund are able to wear UNHP polo shirts in lieu of the dress uniform on most Mondays.  Scholars will be issued an ID that indicates they are allowed to wear the polo.*



Other than the UNHP logo on approved uniform items, scholars are not permitted to wear logos on any part of their uniform, including socks, shoes, pants, shirts, etc.


Head Wear

Scholars are not permitted to wear hats, caps, visors, sunglasses or other headwear during school hours. All hair accessories and cultural head covers must match a color in the jumper (blue, white, black, green, or yellow).



Hair must be clean, neatly styled, not cover the eyes and be of a naturally occurring hair color. Boys’ hair length must be above the eyebrows and no longer than the top of the collar in the back of the uniform shirt. Primary scholars may not color their hair.


Make-up/Nail Polish

Scholars in Grades K-5 may not wear make-up, nail polish, or artificial nails.



Scholars are permitted to wear noiseless wristwatches. Girls may wear pierced stud earrings only. Dangling earrings including hoops may not be worn for safety reasons. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings. If a scholar wears an item for religious reasons, it should be worn under the blouse or shirt. If earrings are worn (boys) for religious reasons and are outside of our policy, they must be covered and not visible at all times.  Primary scholars may not wear bracelets except for religious reasons.



Rolling backpacks are not permitted. Backpacks should be an appropriate size for your child. Items such as key chains that dangle from the backpack are not permitted. Scholars are encouraged to limit the weight of their backpack.



Scholars are not permitted to bring umbrellas for safety reasons. Raincoats or ponchos are permissible.  Scholars are encouraged to keep a poncho in their backpack.


Casual Days

Casual dress days will be made available at designated times throughout the school year. All scholars in good academic and disciplinary standing will have a casual day the last day of each quarter. Casual dress privileges may be revoked for scholars who do not comply with all dress code policies, as determined by the administration.


College/Spirit Wear Fridays

On Fridays, scholars are encouraged to wear appropriately fitting college t-shirts, college polos, or college crewneck sweatshirts with their uniform pants/skirts and shoes.  Scholars may also choose to wear North Hills spirit t-shirts with their uniform pants/skirts and shoes on Fridays.  No scholars may wear other college gear, including jackets or hoodies.  All shirts must be worn tucked into their pants or skirt.


Casual Day Guidelines Only shirts that do not display offensive language or images of violence, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or the occult may be worn as long as it has sleeves, covers the midriff area and is not low-cut. Shirt must fit in a modest fashion and not be too tight. Jean shorts and khaki shorts of modest length may be worn. Pants and skirts adhering to the uniform code for length may be worn and must not be torn or have holes. Athletic uniform clothing may be worn with the exception of sweat pants. Clothing must follow the same guidelines for fit and length as comparable to the uniform.  Scholars must wear closed toe shoes that they can run around and remain safe, preferably athletic shoes.  Heelys are not allowed.


 Click on links to view/purchase required and optional uniform items from Parker 

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