Medical Consent Forms

    • Form must be signed by both parent and physician.
    • Applicable to both over-the-counters medications and prescriptions
    • Homeopathic medication and aspirin are not permitted to be administered at school.

  • Tube Feeding Authorization 
    • Management plan must me completed before any care can be given.
    • All supplies must be kept stocked by the parent.
    • Please keep the nurse informed with any medical changes regarding your scholars care.

  • Dental Screenings Consent
  • Consentimiento del Examen Dental
    • A consent form is required.
    • Free screenings are done 1 time a year on a scheduled date.
    • Dental screenings do not take the place of a regular dental examination in a dental office.
    • The screening is intended to alert parents of any immediate needs/problems that need to be addressed.

Don't forget to sign  
All forms must be filled out entirely to ensure that appropriate care will be provided.